Curriculum Vitae

I’m a graphic designer with both design skills as well as concept & campaign development. In my daily work I juggle with online and offline.

If you wan’t a more detailed CV please look at my LinkedIn profile.  

Programs I do

I’m pretty cool using these programs:

Adobe Illustrator (C.C). Adobe InDesign (C.C) Adobe Photoshop (C.C)  Adobe Premiere Pro (C.C) Imovie, Keynote, PowerPoint, Word, Excel



Work / Internships

I’m pretty proud at these jobs: 

Graphic Designer at DESIGN LETTERS (2017-).
Design & Marketing assistant at DESIGN LETTERS (2016-2017).
Digital Designer/Graphic Designer at Top-Toy (2014-2016).
Graphic Designer at GN Netcom (Global Marketing) (Recommendation) (2011).
Graphic designer at Copenhagen Art Fair (Recommendation) (2011). 
Graphic designer (internship) at Design agency Krogh&Co (Recommendation) (2010).
Graphic designer (internship) at Design agency Konstantyner (2009-2010).
Graphic designer (internship) at Scanman Prepress (2009).




I’m pretty proud of having attended these schools: 

Usability & User Experience course at IT-University in Copenhagen (June 2014) (Diploma).
Bachelor in Visual Communication (2007-2010) (Diploma).
Technical School Copenhagen – Graphic design (2007) (Diploma).